Helpful Links

A list of helpful links to tools that help with the overload of information and things to do in Final Fantasy IV.
Most of the listed websites are pretty popular but I list them anyways in case someone doesnt know them.
These tools really help to be more efficient.

Crafting and Gathering

Garlandtools Database – Perfect if I need information about.. anything: Items, recommended gear and where to get it or how to make it, NPCs, Locations, Gathering Timers, Crafting list and material calculator. You can make several Pages, one for Leves, one for Gathering nodes (offers alerts) etc.

FFXIV Crafting – Offers an Equipment Profiler, a Crafting Calculator and info about doing Levequests most efficiently.

Crafting Optimizer – To work on new rotations and make your currently used ones better. Overall quite nice to work with.

Crafting Macro Creator – When you know your rotation this website quickly generates a macro after simply clicking the skill icons in the order you want them, you can chose the duration of the <wait.x> after each skill and add an echo alert to go off when the macro has finished.

FFXIV Angler – All you need to know about fishing, fishes, baits and weatherconditions and timers (offers alerts).

FFXIV Fish Tracker App – This application tracks big fish, making it easy to spot hard-to-catch fish as they become available.

FFXIV Gardening – Shows intercrossing and how to optimize your outcome.

Mogboard Market Board – Shows information about specific Items, for how much they sold and let’s you set up Alerts for when something sold.

Ariyala’s Gear Calculator – Even if everyone might know it. It allows you to create your own personal Gearsets and plan your melds to make sure you hit the desired final Statpoints.

FFXIV Airship Guide – Not up to date I think, but still pretty useful especially if you are new to dealing with Airships.

FFIV Airship Logs – This is a place to record your voyage logs so we can mine them for data about how to optimize airship experience gains, new sector discoveries, unlocking more airships, and obtaining specific rare items.

Submersible Information Thread – Shows how to unlock certain Sectors and what they offer regarding Loot.


FC Buffs and Aetherial Wheel – Everything you need to know about G1/2 Buffs and how to make and load the Grade 3 versions.

FFXIV Housing – Shows Images of Housing Items and Furniture. Useful if you don’t know the Item and how it looks when placed. This website might become irrelevant with the changes they make, previewing housing items.

HousingSnap – Ideas and Inspiration regarding housing decorations.

MirapriSnap – Ideas and Inspiration regarding glamour.

FFXIV Squadron – Calculates and shows the optimal training units and Team set up for Missions based on your Squads stats and chemistry (<60)

FFXIV Hunts Path Finder – Simple tool for searching the best route for a group of selected mobs, designed for the daily marks.

FFXIV Chocobo Colour Calculator – Put in info about your chicken and the colour goal to get a detailed list on what to feed how many times.

Mini Cactpot Solver – With 4 fields unhidden, this calculates the chances on where to expect the highest possible MGP payout.

FFXIV Triad – Shows all available Cards, their values and gives info about each NPCs activate time and the rewarded cards you can obtain when winning. Gives further explanation about each specific Match Rule.

FFXIV Wondrous Tails Calculator – Gives information about the possible chance to obtain 1,2 or 3 lines. Simply but in the stickers you achieved so far and the calculation becomes more precisely.

GamerEscape – Basically Wikipedia for FFXIV another Database with a lot of Information to nearly everything game related.

XIVDB – Another Database, having a easier design compared to the FFXIV Wiki displayed above. The big plus about this Database is that you can easily switch between all in game available languages.

If you find anything missing or have any questions, message one of the Contacts listed!